My Reid Vintage Style Bike – Molly Minty

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You guys may recall that about 4 months ago I took the plunge and FINALLY grabbed one of these DREAMY Vintage Style bikes!! I had wanted one FOREVER and FINALLY (thanks to the generosity of someone special!) I was able to order one!! :)

My baby Molly Minty came fresh from Reid Cycles and I cannot begin to tell you HOW HAPPY I have been since the very first time I spoke with them about their spectacular customer service, their genuine passion for what they do and their unbelievably prompt and efficient follow up :)

I am absolutely STOKED and beyond proud to announce that I have partnered with the team at Reid to promote an active lifestyle as well as raise funds for my mission to raise $7500 for the Heart Foundation :) You can read all about my crusade here 

Reid have gifted with with one of their BEAUTIFUL Vintage Ladies 7 Speed Classic Bikes to raffle and if you live in Australia you are eligible to be in the running! :) Valued at $284 it will be without doubt THE BEST bike you’ve ever ridden!!

Mine even negotiates Noosa Hill like a dream so that is saying A LOT!! :) Just this past weekend I took her to the Noosa Farmers market and was able to cart my loot home in the front basket :)

All you need to do to enter is :

Go to my Everyday Hero page, donate the corresponding amount of money for the number of tickets you’d like to buy ($5 for one; $20 for 5; $32 for 8; $50 for 12)

State in the message that you are entering the Reid/bike competition & make sure you PM/email me with your contact number so I can call you should you win

This will be filmed and drawn on the 1st October :)

Please share this AWESOME opportunity  with your friends, family, colleagues & networks.

There are only 400 tickets to be sold, so you are in with a real chance!

Every dollar donated in purchasing these tickets goes to the Heart Foundation to help raise funds, awareness and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle by all Australians

At this time I have $1300 left to raise to meet my target!!

I’m so impressed with what we’ve achieved together so far & id love someone to be rewarded in return!!

Thanks guys and GOOD LUCK! :)


Health and Happiness Coach

Founder of The Glow Project

Words Of Wisdom

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Do Something


Do Something….

Something that makes a difference…

It needn’t be big, bold, bodacious….

It could be a smile to a stranger….

A gesture of kindness to a friend….

A deed of good for the community…

Some complimentary words….




To know you’ve made a difference…. No matter how small…

You feel proud, you feel worthy…. You feel vibrant and alive…

You feel connected… You feel part of this shared human experience…

So go on…. Do it….

Do Something….

All my love,


Health and Happiness Coach

Founder of The Glow Project

Raw, Vegan Cacao and Sweet Potato Mousse

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Raw Vegan Choc Mousse1


I’ve shared with you before just how much I LOVE the incredible and fabulously talented and creative Toni Gerdelan of Whole_Food_Nutritionista and today I’m so excited to bring to you another of her AMAZING CREATIONS!!

A healthy lifestyle MUST be YUMMY, FUN and EASY if we are not only to “get on the bandwagon”, but STAY there too! If I had not adopted this approach to pursuing my healthy lifestyle, I’d still be an overweight and unfit individual!!

In my life the ONLY way I can get myself to do something and make it a lasting habit is to somehow make it FUN :) And Toni has THIS aspect down pat!! If you are on Instagram and NOT following her, get on it now :) WARNING : you will drool and you will get lost for possibly hours stalking her piccies!

Anywho, this DELICIOUS and ever so NUTRITIOUS creation can be made as follows:

Blend 1 medium cooked and cooled sweet potato, 1/2 cup coconut cream, 4-6 fresh dates, 1/2 cup raw cacao powder, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp powdered vanilla bean and water to desired consistency. Chill and enjoy once set! :)

High in fibre, essential fats, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, this is bound to make your mouth and cells smile :)

Let me know what you think!

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Health and Happiness Coach

Founder of The Glow Project