Sensational Savoury Mince with Quinoa

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This recipe was adapted from this one over at Australian Healthy Food Guide.



I LOVE getting ideas for new meals from websites such as these, then simply adapting according to what I have in the fridge/cupboard and also what my gut guides me towards :)

Using the above recipe as a guide, I also added/used:

-Tomato paste – approx 1-2 tblsp

-Minced garlic – a LOAD

-Chilli flakes – LOTS

-Red wine – just a splash

I did not use chickpeas, mushies or tomatoes. Instead I used :

-Brussels Sprouts

-Chinese Cabbage


-a mix of frozen peas, corn and carrots

I used a red onion, not a brown one, and I used Vegeta stock, not Beef Stock.

I also served it with Quinoa, not rice. This is simply as my partner prefers quinoa to rice and it is higher in protein :) BONUS :)

This was pretty much half vegies, half mince, or maybe MORE vegies….

This is how we love to eat :) We feel satisfied and “light”, not heavy when done.

Be mindful that drastically increasing your fibre intake, without allowing your body to adjust gradually, can lead to digestive issues, bloating, cramping and other upsets. So go easy…. Listen to your body and use the amount – and type – of vegetables you feel is right for you & your family :)

Oh and to serve, we topped this with Cottage Cheese and avocado :) NOMNOM

ENJOY and be sure to send me your feedback :)



Dietitian~Counsellor~Psychology of Eating Coach xxxooo

Words of Wisdom

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Your soul always wants to grow, change, evolve….

Your mind fears exactly these things as they challenge and disrupt the “control”, the “knowingness” & “certainty” it thinks it has….

Stepping into the unknown, the new, the mysterious is a survival threat as far as the mind is concerned….

It will do all it can to protect you & “keep you safe” (ie in the KNOWN)…

Even if it means feeding you lies, limitations and lunacy….

If you feel it, know it’s ok…. Know you don’t need to change how you feel….

By resisting, you strengthen it….



Invite it in….

What is its message??

There IS a message….

It’s about change, growth, evolution…..

Your soul is calling you….

It’s craving expansion…


A thought pattern…. A behaviour…. Something you need to say…. Something you need to do….

It’s there….

You know what it is….

Bring it in & listen….

What does this anxiety want for you??

How is it helping you to break free and move forward???

By ignoring, denying, getting busy or focusing on drama it won’t go away….


It can be your greatest catalyst and ally on your journey to the truest you…

If you embrace it….

All my love,



Dietitian~Counsellor~Psychology of Eating Coachxxxooo

Words Of Wisdom

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I was reflecting JUST NOW on HOW FULL my heart feels this morning…!

Ive literally had the most SPECTACULAR time since opening my eyes, without alarm, in the early hours of dusk….. 

I’ve had time to wash and dry my hair (LUXURY! Women, HOW GOOD do you feel when you KNOW your hair looks nice?!?!); watched my sexy, spunky man show love to my kitty kats which he has so easily “adopted” into our life (THANK YOU); walked in the brisk, cool, fresh, DELICIOUS morning air to Hastings Street for a DIVINE coffee- make that TWO (YUM!); connected with my mama via text and photo (HOW GOOD is technology?!); Received my Picture Postie – Photo Printing App prints in the mail and then made LOVE BUNDLES for the Mummies in our life, ready to post for their receiving delight (YAY!!! Love sending things in old-school mail! You!?!?) &…. just enjoyed such gorgeous thoughts, hopes, dreams and more in general…..!

It occurred to me that my HEART FEELS SO FULL…  And so content…

Almost to bursting capacity…

And in that moment I also realised that when we FILL UP OUR HEARTS, we are WAY less inclined to OVERFILL our bellies…   CLICK TO TWEET

Yes…. Living through the heart, from the heart, and in 24/7 connection TO the heart is the most REWARDING, FULFILLING and BEAUTIFUL way to live…

It’s also the HEALTHIEST 

Making the transition from HEAD to HEART living was one of the most challenging, and simultaneously most INCREDIBLE, experiences EVER of my life!

I can never, ever thank all my teachers, mentors, guru’s, examples, idols, or hero’s enough….

I thank the Universe so much that there are people out there who live fearlessly and courageously from their heart in every moment, as without their example and presence, I would never have made the journey back to MY heart… back to MY soul… back to my ESSENCE….

And I KNOW I would never, ever be feeling as AMAZING as I am right now!

Today gorgeous ones, I urge you….


If you feel empty, alone, hungry, tired, bored, hopeless, lost, forlorn, BLAH…. take the retreat back into the space right within your chest… Feel that ever-beating, ever-constant, ever-reliable presence…

IN THERE is truth…. IN THERE is inspiration…. IN THERE is love…

Beautiful, endless, gorgeous love…

You have a perpetual amount of love to access and GIVE….

There is NEVER any end, there is never any scarcity….

What fills up your heart?? What makes you feel LOVE??

Do that TODAY…. Do that NOW :)

Please, not just for your OWN health and happiness, but for that of humanity….

All my love,


Founder of The 5 Day GLOW Challenge, The GLOW Project and New Leaf Nutrition